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We love what we do at Methods Studios and we truly believe that our clients love it too. But don't just take our word for it – below are a few testimonials from some of the Methods family.

Frankie Mordi is a truly brilliant, inspiring, unique and body changing and life changing trainer. He is exuberant energetic and challenging and really gets the best out of you. Yet also he is super sensitive in crafting special exercises with all the thoughtful holistic delicacy and the technical knowledge of a physiotherapist. He takes enormous trouble not just to protect but strengthen my bad back. Then his sessions are always different, always with new and interesting exercises, so one never gets bored and is constantly surprised.


He is driving but flexible and very creative in his mix of core, weights, boxing and cardio. He is a charming life enhancer whose cheerful positivity makes one look forward to sessions and always improves ones mood. Discreet and sensible in his advice to his rarified and exclusive clients, The Frankie effect is physical and mental.  Its a state of mind And body.


He is certainly a unique character. As both chef And cage fighter he advises on diet and fitness. I can't recommend him highly enough.


Simon Sebag Montefiore

I love working out with Frankie. He pushes you to beyond your limits. The best way off keeping fit is to be drilled by Frankie. Fit for life


Rupert Everett

Frankie has trained me on and off over a period of 7 years. He is one of the best trainers I've had. In my profession it's important to stay in shape and feel good and Frankie's style although tough, gives amazing results. I think he is one of the best trainers in London!


Duncan James

It took a while for me to be convinced to train in a gym, being put off by what I thought it would be like. But, this place is no typical gym, at all.  Its awesome, and totally unique. I cant wait to train.


This is truly my favourite place to be, for so many reasons. If I could be here all the time, I would be! Its the people, the music, the friendships, the atmosphere created here is unique.


It makes you want to train hard, to challenge and to be supportive of the people you train with. My body is so much stronger, and with this has come confidence and a healthier approach to so many aspects of my life.


Training is hard, and you will get pushed… but the results are worth it.



Frankie Mordi is as fine an example of the muscular male body as you are likely to find, anywhere. In fact, he quite takes your breath away on first sight. Once you have got over the sheer scale of the man's shoulders you will then have to get over his terrifying attitude as he puts you through the toughest workout you have ever done.


This is not for the faint-hearted. Frankie is a demanding and exacting trainer, bringing out the best in you if you are prepared to put in the effort - and when I say effort, I mean EFFORT! The first three weeks of training twice a week with Frankie I thought I was going to have to bail out.


I was nervous on waking and fearful of the hour to come, when I would sweat, gasp, groan and cry out all manner of obscenities. But after three weeks my nerves of dread changed to nerves of excitement and I began to look forward to the challenge and actually take pleasure from the exercises that never seem to be the same, so vast is his repertoire. My body began to change and my friends started commenting and at 44 I realised that there was only one man on the planet who could make me look my absolute best and feel 24 again, and that was Frankie.


Frankie is a master of his domain. He is a naturally "up" person, radiating joy and sunshine even on the greyest London days, and his good humour and smile are infectious. I feel great in his presence, even when he's roaring at me to do another ten! His gym is a happy, buzzing place, the music is fantastic, his other clients are friendly and I love going there.


After years of terrible, chronic, seemingly incurable back pain I am cured - literally, pain gone! That is all thanks to Frankie. I can't recommend him enough.


Santa Sebag-Montefiore


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